CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress


CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress

Are you making a website in WordPress? Do you want to know? The process of CCAvenue Payment gateway integration is very simple by WordPress Plugin. Without any hassle, you can start selling your own products online on your WordPress based E-Commerce website in the next 15 minutes. Here I’m explaining this process step by step. I have written this short tutorial to make easy for you to convert your site to eCommerce by CCAvenue integration.
CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration Step by Step

  1. Before getting started, Make sure that your CCAvenue account is activated. Log in and go to the Dashboard to check all status.
    1. From your WordPress Dashboard, Install and Activate WooCommerce CCAvenue MCPG Official (Plugin Page). Especially this plugin is specially designed to work together. Thus, it is 100% supportable and easy to configure.
      1. Now Go to WooCommerce Settings » Checkout tab » Ccavenue MCPG Payment option.
      2. This is How You Can Setup CC Avenue Online Payment Gateway Plugin for the first time
    2. Login to your CCAvenue Account
    3. Under settings option. You can find your merchant id, access code, and encryption key.
    4. Enter all required details in your plugin settings and click save changes to complete the integration process.


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