MASODAS File Virus Removed/Decrypt Tool Found+Data Recovered (English)


STOP Ransomware Decryptor – How to Decrypt Files (Updated)

This is an article, created to explain how you can decrypt files, encrypted by STOP Ransomware virus. STOP ransomware is the type of malware, whose main idea is to get users to pay ransom in the form of BitCoin to get their files back. Not all variants of this ransomware can be decrypted for free, but we have added the decryptor used by researchers that is often updated with the variants which become eventually decrypted. You can try and decrypt your files using the instructions below, but if they do not work, then unfortunately your variant of the ransomware virus is not decryptable.

To decrypt your files, first you need to download STOP Decryption tool from Glorious web Technologies, available on the Download below:

1. Download STOP Decryption tool Tool
2. Unzip the file
3. Right click the STOPDECRYPTER file and select run as administrator.
4. Select Directory
5. Click Decrypt.
6. Files Recovered Successfully.
7. If not decrypted means download trial software from and scan your computer fully. if any virus detected then delete it first. Then try this decrypt tool again


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